Why Online Casinos Offer Roulette at Less Than One Percent House Edge

Table games have been around for ages, ever since man first set foot on Indian land. The earliest table games were charades which consisted of throwing a dice and hoping your group picked up the right numbers. These games were extremely popular in early America where food was scarce and gambling was integral to survival. Later this evolved into the game we know today as table tennis, billiards and table soccer. In the latter two games, paddles are used instead of dice.

The earliest table games were simple affairs but slowly the rules were devised so that everyone could play and the stakes were raised to a more substantial level. As the high-stakes gambling took off across America and European countries, the game changed from being simple to addictive. Blackjack, high-stakes roulette, baccarat, and poker became the rage in the late 1800s. Amateur competitors took up these games and this soon led to professional high-stakes gambling. Gambling soon became a multi-million dollar industry and it wasn’t long before professional gamblers travelled to other countries to enjoy their hobby.

As the craze grew, more casinos opened up around the country. The more gambling venues there were the larger the gambling population became. Table games like blackjack and baccarat soon took up a huge portion of the blackjack and card room business. With gambling being a multi-billion dollar business it was only natural that casino owners started offering more table games. Today, you can find high-stakes gambling at casinos all over the world. Casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, Jacksonville, Moline, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Ohio and all other major cities have included table games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette in their establishments.

Popular table games like poker, blackjack and craps are played in almost every casino around the world. Some of the most popular table games include baccarat, blackjack and poker. Most of the time you will find these table games offered in high stakes gaming windows or high dollar video poker machines. However, blackjack has also become very popular at many casinos especially since the US government introduced the blackjack lottery. Blackjack is also one of the most well know casino games in casinos today.

Like most of the other table games like blackjack and craps have a unique system of play. While most other games have a fixed odds for blackjack and craps, it is in craps where the odds for each game change constantly. This makes it very difficult to predict when one person’s end of the table will be and when another person’s end will be.

It is this ever-changing and constantly growing game room that attracts millions of people to the casinos each year. Blackjack and craps are just two of the many different types of electronic table games available for play at the different casinos. However, even though roulette is seen as the most popular game at many of the casinos it is in truth second to blackjack in popularity. The real reason that roulette is not more popular is because the house edge on roulette is much higher than the house edge on blackjack.

There are several reasons that online casinos choose to offer roulette as a game, the first reason in my opinion is because of the simple fact that it is popular. Blackjack and roulette are two of the top casino table games, but they are also the oldest and most well known table games in the world. Therefore online casinos can afford to offer these games at much lower odds than other games.

The next reason that online casino floors offer roulette at lower odds than the brick and mortar casino floors is because of the random number generator or RNG. The random number generator in a roulette table game is designed in such a way that the odds of hitting a set number of tickets in a specific game are very high. Because of this the random number generator uses fewer people wagers in order to generate the numbers that are used in the game. Since there are a large number of possible number combinations that can be created with the random number generator, it follows that the number of players wagers in roulette is substantially lower than the number of players wagers in blackjack. Online casino floors that offer roulette at less than one percent house advantage are actually losing money.